The GRZ Personal Loan Facility allows for civil servants under the Payroll Management
& Establishment Control System (PMEC) to obtain financing whereby monthly deductions
will be made from their salaries at the source. The loan amount is determined by the calculation of a client’s affordability from their payslip.

Steven Mutwale – Registry Clerk
Steven Mutwale is a Registry Clerk in the Office of the President Police and Prisons Service Commission. He sought to upgrade his position, and with the aid of a GRZ personal loan facility he has been able to finance and pursue a Bachelor’s
Degree in Business Administration at the University of Lusaka

Home Make-Over Loan

We value your House and will do everything to assist you to keep it in good and neat condition. Improvements to a House must be an on-going investment which in turn will add value and enhance your capital gains over time. At BFC, we understand this better and in our quest to help you and your and family create wealth, we offer you the Home Make-Over Loan facility.

Dr. Peter Mumba

Dr. Peter Mumba of Lusaka obtained a Home Make-Over Loan from BFC to complete his houses in the Shimabala area. Now complete, this complex comprising four beautiful homes is an ideal
investment and source of rental income.