Company Overview

Betternow Finance Company (BFC) Limited was incorporated on January 24, 2012 in the Republic of Zambia under the Companies Act Cap 388 of the Laws of Zambia with Registration No: 99131. BFC is duly registered under the Banking and Financial Services Act Cap 387 and operating as a Non-Banking Financial Institution under the Bank of Zambia Licence No: 076/2013 granted on November 14, 2013. The principal business activity of the company is to offer wholesale micro-finance services throughout Zambia with tailor made products that have a shorter turn-around time.


The purpose of BFC is to ensure that its vision of “Better access to credit for everyone Living, Working or engaged in Entrepreneurship” is realized. It is our goal to transform BFC into a leading micro-finance company which will have a positive impact on local communities. With this in mind, BFC positions itself to contribute towards the growth of the financial services sector through responsible and inclusive lending for purposeful change. BFC aspires to enhance financial inclusiveness of the Zambian people and aim towards ensuring female entrepreneurs and minority groups have easier access to finance through our models.

We are:

Leaders. We want to lead the microfinance industry in our chosen markets.

Innovative. We look for innovative solutions that add value to financial services and create products at affordable rates.

Service Minded. We respond to our customers’ needs.

Accountable. We deliver measurable results to our stakeholders and will operate with the highest levels of ethics and honesty.

Collaborative. We provide opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate and partner with the microfinance industry and business community.


To provide the highest quality of financial services for private and business purposes in a friendly and professional manner.


Better access to credit for everyone living, working and engaging in entrepreneurship.

Core Values


Strengthening our role as micro-finance leaders in our chosen markets.


Responding to our customers’ needs, adding qualitative value to financial services and ensuring products at affordable rates.

Innovations and Continuous Learning

Embracing innovative solutions for the enhancement of services and professionalism in our service delivery.

Results and Accountability

Delivering measurable results to our stakeholders; BFC will endeavour to operate with the highest levels of ethics and honesty.

Collaboration and Partnering

Providing opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate and partner with the micro-finance ecosystem.

BFC's Social Impact Strategy

Improving sanitation through accessible micro credit to households in Lusaka​.


    • 60% of Lusaka’s population lives in unplanned peri-urban areas in which providing adequate sanitation and clean water have proven a serious challenge.
    • As a result, hazardous pit latrines are commonly constructed for toilets and waterborne diseases (e.g. cholera and dysentery) have become prevalent.

Loan products

    • To fight poor sanitation, BFC offered soft loans (“MCA”) enabling households to finance constructions of modern toilets and shower systems.
    • The loan book was comprised mostly of residents from the Kalingalinga compound, including vulnerable community groups such as the elderly, the disabled and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Social impact

    • Introduced a culture where people have ownership of their own sanitation and water facilities which enabled local economic empowerment
    • Improved overall health and reduction in waterborne diseases, which promotes better-planned housing structures in Lusaka’s compounds.


Stanley Tembo Social Impact

“Digging pit latrines took up a lot of space and was dangerous for children who could fall in. Our facilities have relieved us of that concern”. “Proper sanitation facilities have improved our lives immensely and we are very grateful to have been provided this opportunity”.

Stanley Tembo
Beneditor Masiye Phire Social Impact

“The improvements in cleanliness have enhanced the well-being of our community, as waterborne diseases have become less prevalent”. “I am certain that additional investments in sewage infrastructure and financing options across Kalingalinga would have similar positive results”

Benedictor Masiye Phiri

No Poverty

BFC enables SMEs to grow in revenue and workforce, actively reducing poverty one employee at a time.

Decent work and economic growth

Several BFC clients have been able to expand their business’ to include labor hire which increases the flexibility of the job market in Solwezi and Kitwe.