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The purpose of BFC is to ensure that its vision of “Better access to credit for everyone Living, Working or engaged in Entrepreneurship” is realized. It is our goal to transform BFC into a leading micro-finance company which will have a positive impact on local communities. With this in mind, BFC positions itself to contribute towards the growth of the financial services sector through responsible and inclusive lending for purposeful change. BFC aspires to enhance financial inclusiveness of the Zambian people and aim towards ensuring female entrepreneurs and minority groups have easier access to finance through our models.

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bfc Equity release

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Equity Release

This is a structured facility which is processed within four (4) hours depending on the depositing of the title deeds and the applicant demonstrating financial capacity to honour their obligation as and when they fall due

Fast Funding

Fund fast

Get your cash in as few as two weeks with as few as four documents needed.

Low Monthly Payments

Lower monthly payments

Check out one of BFC’s low-fixed rates with a variety of terms available. 

Old Mortgage

Keep your first mortgage rate

No need to refinance your first mortgage. And for qualified borrowers, there are options to access a large portion of your home’s equity.


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Order Finance

We recognize that your success as an entrepreneur solely depends on how quickly and efficiently you are able to deliver on your orders as a reputation in the

competitive market is of utmost importance. At BFC, we want you to succeed and through our well-packaged Order Financing Facility, we will ensure that you deliver

ahead of your competitors through timely and efficient availability of finance. Present your confirmed order with a quotation from your preferred supplier, 

who we will pay directly on the condition that your customer undertakes to pay us directly.

Fast Funding

Fund fast

  • Rapid access to funding
  • Competitive rates
  • Individually agreed arrangements
  • Money can be used for any business purpose

Supports Cash Flow

No monthly payments

  • Advance repaid when payment received from customer
  • Adverse Credit – no problem
  • No capital costs
  • Reduced demand on cashflow

Supports growth

We fund for Growth

  • Ideal for growing businesses
  • Funds to pay suppliers
  • Funds to pay workforce
  • Reduces burden from slow paying customers

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Bill or Invoice Discounting

At BFC, we believe that it is fair that you realize the fruits of your handwork as quickly as possible. So to be smart and get your payments well ahead

before your invoice matures. Our commitment to you is that we will pay you the amount due from your customers before the due date so that you have

the cash to get back to work.

BFC working capital

We offer working capital to SMEs.

Working Capital Finance

A company can be endowed with assets and profitability but be short of liquidity if its assets cannot readily be converted into cash. In response to this BFC introduced the Working Capital Loan facility which can help you finance your day to day operations particularly for those companies that have a long cash conversion cycle.


We offer Adance Factoring to SMEs.

We offer advance factoring for companies supplying goods and services on a continuous basis to blue-chip companies most preferably department stores such as Shoprite, Pick ‘n’ Pay, and Spar.

Factoring is a financial transaction whereby you sell your receivables(i.e. invoices) to BFC (a factor) at a discount. BFC will, in turn, disburse cash/ financing to you, less our discount fee.